Welcome to Bozeman Financial Advisors

With over 50 years of combined financial advising and planning experience, Ed Tompkins and Jason Hundhausen are dedicated to helping clients maneuver the intricacies of personal finance.

They collaborate to dig beneath the surface of conventional wisdom to analyze economic and investment trends which they believe will lead to long-term sustainable wealth management.

Bozeman Financial Advisors

Fiduciary Advisors

As fiduciary advisors, both Ed Tompkins and Jason Hundhausen are committed to your financial success.
A person with fiduciary responsibility is legally required to act in a manner that benefits the party who places that confidence in them.
[Fiduciary: relating to or involving confidence or trust.]

Our Mission

We strive to provide extraordinary and comprehensive wealth management services using a holistic approach resulting in balanced, long-term financial security for our clients and their loved ones.

We aim to earn confidence through unwavering honesty, integrity and ongoing communication with our clients.

Bozeman Financial Advisors :: Mission

Our Approach

We constantly study economic and financial planning trends designed to offer the most accurate, up-to-date financial information and innovative planning strategies.
By sustaining strong relationships with local tax- and estate-planning experts, we serve as a conduit for those services.
We also maintain valuable relationships with other area businesses and strive to improve our community through volunteer and other not-for-profit activities.

Comprehensive wealth management services using a holistic, client-first approach.

Our Services

The associates of Bozeman Financial Advisors offers non-proprietary, fee-based, fiduciary financial advising and planning with the ability to customize portfolios designed to meet client needs, without the influence of product-based commissions or fees.