About Bozeman Financial Advisors

Bozeman Financial Advisors is based in beautiful Bozeman, Montana and serves clients in more than 20 states. We offer independent, fee-based, fiduciary financial advising with the ability to customize portfolios to meet client needs, without the influence of fund-based commissions or fees. With over 50 years of combined financial planning and advising experience, Ed Tompkins, Certified Financial Planner, and Jason Hundhausen, Financial Advisor, offer sophisticated financial solutions for a range of client situations including retirement planning, charitable giving, trusts, and life insurance.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide extraordinary and comprehensive wealth management services using a holistic approach resulting in balanced, long-term financial security for our clients and their loved ones. We aim to earn trust and confidence through unwavering honesty, integrity and ongoing communication with our clients. We constantly study economic and financial planning trends to offer the most accurate, up-to-date financial information and innovative planning strategies. By sustaining strong relationships with local tax- and estate-planning experts, we serve as a conduit for those services.

Our Team